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Glow ATL's Mobile Team

Such a deal to dine and be served

From Chefs to Mixologists to Waitresses, Glow Atlanta has them all. Our portfolio features such phenomenal culinary talent from Atlanta brought right to your very door step. All packages are all-inclusive so enjoy!

  • 3 hr

    600 US dollars

  • 3 hr

    899 US dollars

Customer Reviews


Rachel- customer

I booked one of their mobile chef services for 2. My husband and I truly enjoyed ourselves, food was great, large portions.

Enjoying Dinner

Maci- Mobile Chef Service 

Best part of the night! Let me tell you when it says all-inclusive they not playing. Table, Chef, Chairs, Wine, Glasses, Roses. Well worth the price. Will book again.

Mixing Drinks

David- Mobile Bartender

Great package to offer because of the virus going around. They set everything up on our back deck. Drinks were great and looked great.